Can a field be time-based?

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    Asked on November 25, 2015 at 11:52 PM


    I am creating a simple form as a check-in system for a weekly basketball game.  Basically a player visits the form, selects his name from a dropdown, selects In or Out, and Submits.  

    My question - is there a way to make one of the fields in my form hidden or not available until a certain time?  Basically I want one field of my form (Regulars) to be available all of the time, then a second field (Subs) to only be available after 12:00 noon on Monday.  Although the day doesn't really matter because I will only be getting submissions on this form once per week (late Sunday night and all day Monday), then I will clear all the data out and reuse the form for the following week.  But I would like the Subs field to not show up until 12:00 noon, so that they can't check-in prior to that time.

    I also intend to create a report that gives a total of the "Ins" and Outs", but that is another project after I get the form working correctly.


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    Answered on November 26, 2015 at 03:03 AM

    You can use the time field and show/hide conditions to display the field between the set time period.

    Set the time field to be current time so it automatically takes the present time which will be compared to the set values in the conditions.



    Here is the demo form that you can clone to your account for additional investigation


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    Answered on November 26, 2015 at 12:43 PM

    Thank you that worked perfectly!

    I have a follow-up question about reports.  I want to display a simple report page that shows the total players "In" and "Out" with the names listed below in a grid/list - see an example here for a report that I am using on Wufoo right now (switching over because JotForm has more features!)

    When going through the reporting features, I did not see a way to do this type of calculation/report, I see where I can do a grid with the results, but can't find a "widget" or similar to display the IN and OUT totals at the top.  Is it possible and I am simply missing it?


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    Answered on November 26, 2015 at 01:10 PM

    In behalf of my colleague, you are most welcome.

    Regarding the follow up concern, to better discuss this, I went ahead and opened a separate thread. Please refer to this link instead: We will address it shortly.

    Thank you for your understanding.