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    Asked on February 02, 2012 at 08:25 PM

    Is it possible to set up the conditions so that if a text is selected in one field then another field can be pre-populated?

    For instance in Field A, users can select one of these from a drop down list: Person A or Person B or Person C. If the suer selects Person A, then Filed B shoudl be populated with his email address and similarly for the selection of Person B (with a different email) or Person C.


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    Answered on February 02, 2012 at 11:58 PM

    Why not have the conditionals just SHOW a field based on what you are trying to accomplish. The software will automatically push through the default values of these fields when they come through based on their selection.

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    Answered on February 03, 2012 at 01:35 AM


    indisaver is correct. You can just create three different text boxes with default values set to those email addresses. Then, use conditions to show the text box with email address only if the corresponding person is selected.

    If you need further assistance with this, please do not hesitate to ask. We look forward to hearing from you soon!