Is there a way to create a routable form. One that each department head could fill out their section and then route to IT.

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    Chris Gregory
    Asked on February 06, 2012 at 06:10 PM
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    Answered on February 07, 2012 at 05:50 AM

    That can be done using a two formed system where just one department head submits the first form. Upon doing so, all of the heads (including the one who submitted the form) will receive a message in their inbox with a link that when clicked, will load the second (main) form.

    The main form would be multi-paged and ideally, each page would contain the fields to be completed by a particular head. In other words, if the department heads are Mary, John, Linda and Ramona, the first page would have the fields pertaining only to Mary, the second, John; the third, Linda and the fourth, Ramona. Upon completing their page, each head would need to click either the "Next" or "Back" button to save the entries. Since their entries would be saved, if the form's pages contain several fields and the heads are very busy people whose time is at a premium, they could always partially complete their page and later return (via the link) to complete it.

    Once all of the department heads confirm amongst themselves that their pages are complete, the head elected to submit the form (not necessarily Ramona) would submit it.

    If this sounds like the sort of setup you're looking for, please see the following JotForm User Guide articles:

    Send Form Emails to Multiple Recipients
    How to Save Forms to Continue Later

    Two points regarding to the second article:

    * In the first form you would substitute a notification for the autoresponder and enter the email addresses of the heads into the "Recipient E-mail" field, separated by commas, as described in the first article.

    * To avoid interception by entities not supposed to be privy to the information being submitted, in Step 10 (construction of the link) it is safer to use the tag for the Unique ID than the email address for the session variable. (A person knowing the email address of the department head who filled out the first form and the URL of the second form could just enter that URL appended with
    ? to view all of the entries in the form! It would be much harder to figure out the unique ID of the submission.)

    Finally, the "Recipient E-mail" box in the main form's notification should contain the email address (or comma separated addresses, as the case may be) of the IT department to which that form is to be sent.

    If you need clarification on anything, do let us know.