Where is send email after submission?

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    Asked on December 31, 2015 at 03:41 PM

    I'm working on two forms that send emails to individuals based on form responses. I've been using the "Change email recipient" condition, but whenever the forms are edited and resubmitted the email will go out again, which won't work for these forms. Basically the forms should have an approval workflow process. In reading the forums, it seems that "send email after submission" conditional logic may work better, but I don't have that conditional logic listed. Does this feature still exist. For the form provided below, the workflow is 

    1. Students submits. 

    2. Email sent to chair. Chair signs. 

    3. Email sent to dean. Dean signs. 

    4. Approval emails sent to chair and student. 


    Right now the chair gets an email each time the form is submitted, and doesn't get the approval email. 

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    Answered on December 31, 2015 at 06:41 PM


    If a condition is met or there is no condition attached to one of your notifications, the email will always be sent.  You currently have one notification that will be sent every time the form is submitted or edited:

    Then you have another email that will be sent as long as a certain field is filled, which looks like it will always be filled:

    If the signature is filled, both emails will be sent every time.  You would need unique conditions for each if you would like certain emails to be sent along the process.

    You could set up a radio button field that is changed at each part in the step.  Something like:

    Initial Submission

    Committee Approval

    Chair Approval

    Dean Approval

    Then have your conditions based off that field.  As long as the field is updated at each step of the approval process only that specific email will be sent. 

    If Approval Field is equal to initial submission send email 1

    If Approval Field is equal to Committee Approval send email 2

    And so on.