Post end data to Wordpress

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    Asked on January 05, 2016 at 07:52 AM


    i have loads of friends who are looking for housing in my local area and i wanted to make a little directory whereby they can just fill in a form and it will post to a wordpress (or whatever really) website with a little map of where they want to live and some of their details so other people can go on and say "yes! come live here" for example.  

    Is there anyway i could output data from a jotform to a google maps or even just to a wordpress post? 

    Or would i have to manually copy and paste the data into a post using my hands? 

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    Answered on January 05, 2016 at 11:15 AM

    I think you can simply embed a report into your form, then embed the form in Wordpress.

    I have created a demo form, you might create a similar one and embed it in your wordpress, it will show the results at the bottom.

    If this is what you are looking for, so let me know.

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    Answered on February 09, 2016 at 05:51 AM

    Hey, thats actually pretty awesome, how did you embed the results?  is there a way of taking that data out and putting it in a nicer format - so 

    Name: <Output Name>
    Date of Birth: <Output DOB>

    Favourite Flavour: <Output Flavour>

    on the wordpress page?   Or even create a new wordpress page or post for each individual result? 

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    Answered on February 09, 2016 at 11:25 AM

    This is what I did:

    1. Created a grid report, grabbed the embed code, then

    2. I added a Text Field to the form and pasted the embed code inside

    3. Got the form direct link of and set it as the Thank You page (custom URL)


    You can do the same:

    - Embed the report right into your WP page.

    - Then get the URL of your WP page and establish it as the redirect Custom Thank You Page.

    If you want to also post the results to a thank you page so the submitter can see the results, here is another good guide: