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    Asked on February 10, 2012 at 01:33 PM

    How would I integrate your form into a flash website? If it doesn't integrate, and I used it to link to an external page, who would host that? Would that come back to your site? 

    I currently use a flash template site, FYI.



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    Answered on February 10, 2012 at 09:50 PM

    Hello Jessica,

    There are ways how to do this: 

    1. If you are using a flash based website builder such as Wix, you can use iframes to embed your form on your wix website.  Here is the link to the user guide for integrating forms on wix based sites.

    2. Getting the source code of your form -- If you would like to create your own custom form but you still wish for your submission to go to Jotform, simply get the source of your form in Jotform.  The important details for which your form should still submit properly to Jotform (even if you have a very much customized form) are:

       a.) Field names from the HTML source and your custom created flash form should be identical
       b.) You should have the hidden form ID field
       c.) Your form should submit to http://submit.jotform.com/submit.php
    d.) The javascript simple_spc code at the bottom of the form's source

    As long as you have these three in your own flash form, your submissions will still go to Jotform

    Please let us know if you need further clarifications regarding this matter.