Adding form to Google Sites requests a locale... What do I enter

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    Asked on January 20, 2016 at 04:25 PM


    Your publishing advice tells me to provide Google sites this info to add my form. </span> formID ( <span id="formid"></span> ) <span class="locale">

    I know how to get the formid but don't know what to add for locale

    I live in the United Kingdom and have tried:

    </span> myformIDNos ( <span id="myformIDNos"></span> ) <span class="United Kingdom">

    as well as

    </span> myformIDNos ( <span id="myformIDNos"></span> ) <span class="British English">


    to no avail.


    Can you help?





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    Answered on January 21, 2016 at 01:09 AM



    I am unable to open the link you have provided as I do not have permission to view it.

    Have you checked out this article on adding forms to Google Sites? Adding Form to Google Sites

    If you have and you are still having issues with adding the form to google site, perhaps you can try copying the form URL into an iFrame wrapper gadget?


    Do tell us if you need further assistance,