How to generate an Edit link for one particular submission data

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    Asked on January 22, 2016 at 05:21 PM


    I was wondering if it is possible to make a form that can be edited multiple times? I am currently saving the forms to my google drive account as I have to have it web based so that it can have a URL saved location. I am wondering if there is any way to make the form where I can start the form, then revisit the exact same form, and keep answering  questions / information. Basically I would like multiple people to have access to the same form (via Google Drive) as well as be able to edit the form at different times saving the progress each time. Any information or suggestions would be extremely helpful. Thanks!

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    Answered on January 22, 2016 at 10:55 PM

    To my understanding, you have this form that you would like others to edit the answers previously made to it, is that correct? Basically, you want the exact submission previously added to your form be edited or will have the capability to be edited.

    You will be needing the edit link for your form submission, in that case. 

    Here's how you can produce it.

    First, the format of the edit link should be like this:{id}&mode=edit

    FORMID - refers to the form ID of your form which you can get from its form link. You can get its form link by going to Preview or Publish section of your form from the form builder page.

    If this is your form link:, the one series of number highlighted in blue is your Form ID. 

    Since we have the Form ID already, we now need the submission id, which we can only obtain from a submission on the submission page of the form: How-to-view-Submissions



    On this form,, I have made one submission, a blank one. I did that just to get the submission ID. 

    On the screenshot above, I was able to get the submission id: 329329645142425803

    So to complete the edit link for that submission, I have:

    If you click the link, it will redirect you to the edit page of that particular submission.

    You can try to edit the inputs and make a submission then, load the link again. You will see that the previous submission you made is there. 

    I hope I was able to understand your concern correctly and was able to help you. 

    If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to let us know and we will be glad to help you. 

    Thank you.

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    Answered on January 23, 2016 at 12:29 AM

    Hello! Wow at the fast response, top notch i'm impressed. You did answer my question, but I am not sure that what I am wanting to do is possible. Let me try to explain it in more detail. I have testing reports that will be at least 4 pages long regarding different tests performed on electronic devices. Each page will be a different test (Test 1 - Test 4). Page 2's answers will be dependent on page 1's answers, but each page will be filled out by different people and so on until the final 4th page. Basically the 1st page, is passed on to the 2nd page, then 3rd, and finally the 4th. All being different people pushing it on to the next person. The technique you posted will work I do believe, but it would require me to go in after each initial submission and re-edit the URL from my understanding. That isn't quite a deal breaker, but I plan on performing hundreds of these forms daily so it would make this process quite slow. Also, the way tester # 2 will be accessing the form is looking up the serial # of the device in Google Drive (which is what the submission is saved as in Google Drive). I hope this better explains my problem.

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    Answered on January 23, 2016 at 03:11 AM

    Thank you for the additional information.If you are referring to the same submission being edited by 4 different people, then the instruction I have given to you above is fine. You don't need to edit the URL of the edit link if those people are going to edit the same submission. But, if you are planning to test several electronic device, then you will need to have different URL (edit link) for each device to record their test results. Meaning you will have one submission data per one device.

    Also, to my understanding, You're planning to have a 4 pages form, is that correct? Let me just ask, does the people editing the form should have access to all of the pages, or there are some restrictions? For example, they are given their specific pages, and the one answering page 2 can only access page 1 but not page 3 and 4. 


    Try this form I have created:

    Note: The form is only up to page 2. 

    Initially, Tester 1 will fill up the form with his initial testing(Test 1) results. Notice on the form that Tester 1 is asked to enter the email address of Tester 2. So that Tester 1 will be able to send the edit link to that form via email autoresponder when Tester 1 submits the form. Aside for the link being an edit link, it will also make the form jump to its second page. When Tester 2 clicks the link, Tester 2 will automatically be on page 2 of the form. Tester 2 will then fill up the section specifically for him/her and submit the form again. Tester 3 will then receive an email with an edit link and is automatically redirected to Page 3 of the form.

    You will also notice that when Tester 2 accessed the link from his/her email, the form which is on page 2 already is pre-filled with Tester 1 information. It is because I've used conditions to pass the details to that page when Tester 1 fills page 1.

    Here's how you can construct the condition: 

    To create the Auto-Responder: 

    You need to create the content of it, which will include an edit link with a way to jump to pages on the form:

    Above is the link that when accessed it will jump to page 2 of the form which is the Tester 2 page.

    You will include that to the Autoresponder that will be sent to Tester 2.

    The autoresponder will be sent to Tester 2 if Tester 1 entered the email address of Tester 2 to the "Send Test 1 Result To" field of page 1.

    Also, please don't forget to enable the Send on Editing Submission option.

    I hope this helps. Let us know if you need any further assistance. Thank you.