submission was received after 11 days delay

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    Asked on January 26, 2016 at 06:27 AM


    i have received a submission to my application form 11 days after the applicant submitted it.

    the form was filled and sent on the 14/1, and was received on the 25/1. that is very strange as the applicant received the automatic confirmation mail on the 14/1. as far as i understand the automatic confirmation mail will be sent only in cases the form was submitted successfully. 

    this is extremely problematic as our application process has a deadline and because of this technical delay the applicant was not considered in the selection process to the program. 

    1. what could have happen that made the form received in such delay? 

    2. how can i be sure this is not happened with other submissions? 

    3. what can i do to ensure this will not happened again in the future? 

    i don't know if this information is necessary for you investigation but on the 17/1 i have deleted the submission button so applicants won't be able to submit anymore (as it was the last deadline) but only yesterday i enabled the form (after receiving this submission and realizing there might be other way to submit even without the submission button). 


    the problematic submission ID :  329545771732642406




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    Answered on January 26, 2016 at 12:15 PM

    According to our records, the submission was made yesterday Jan 25 by

    Which means this is not a delay. Since you enabled the form, someone was able to submit it.