form to be used as message pad with a "from" email address and "to" email address

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    Asked on February 03, 2016 at 09:14 AM

    I have a form that is being used as an inter-office message from employee to employee.  (like a message pad)   There is a field to be completed from the person composing the email (from email) and another field to the specific person's email address (to email).  I believe this can be accomplished using conditional logic, however I'm trying to do it using auto responder.  I read the documentation and am confused.  Please clarify.  Thanks!


    James Franchino

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    Answered on February 03, 2016 at 12:02 PM

    If you would like to setup the notification or autoresponder to have the "From Email" and the "Recipient Email" based from your form fields, this is possible if you will setup a Mandrill account. Here are the steps you need to do.

    1. First, follow this guide:  

    2. After that, another field in your notification/autoresponder settings will be displayed, it will show "From Email". Select the sender email field in your form. You can also see in my screenshot that the "Recipient E-mail" is also based from another form field.


    3. After that, try making a test submission, you should receive the email notification showing that it came from the email of the person who filled out the form.


    This also works in the email notification. Here's a sample setup:

    Noticed that I used the form field's name tag to get the value from the "Receiver Email" form field. To get that, just right click on your email field and click "Edit Properties", you'll see the field name tag there. Here's mine:


    I hope that helps. Do let us know if you need more information on this.