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    Alban JANVIER
    Asked on February 16, 2012 at 09:59 PM


    Hi Jotform team,

    As a Jotform user, I was a bit disappointed to find my webpage without any form on it yesterday. I first thought that you suffered a server breakdown but after a few clicks on the internet, I found this article ( I know it’s French but in substance, it explains that you’re a victim of SOPA because a hacker team in South Africa would use jotform for phishing hustle.

    I don’t know if it’s true, but if it is then you’re the real victim! I just can’t believe that all the work you’ve done, all the time you’ve spent to develop THE leading HTLM form company around the world, all the cash you’ve made for US government’s wealth (I don’t only think about your company, but about all the companies that rely on your work to make cash), all the people you’ve helped for "almost" free of charge… All that is thrown to the bin because an obscure agency - which isn’t straight enough to identify itself – decided that people in a precise country could suffer a precise threat – that could be fought much more precisely – because, maybe, of your website.

    Anyway, I think you’ll understand that you have my deep support and that I think you’re the victim of an injustice. If I can help by any mean, by any way, be sure that you’ll have my support.

    I can imagine how hard time you’re going through and I want to send you my best wishes. I hope so much that that bad time will be forgotten within few weeks. But if you have to fight for that, please notice that you have my full support.

    Best regards, with all my respect and sympathy. Thankfully yours.

    Alban JANVIER


    PS : Of course, you can use that e-mail to help your case, you can forward to me any mean to help you (petition, support website, etc.), but if you do so, I would appreciate that you let me know before, so I’ll be able to plan the further events… You know, US government can be quite scary sometimes, don’t you ?


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    Answered on February 17, 2012 at 08:45 AM

    Hi Alban,

    Thank you for your support. That means a lot to us. I wasn't aware of Korben coverage.

    We have not been told about the reason for our suspension. Our guess is because of phishing, but  "a hacker team in South Africa" was just a speculation in one of the news sites because of an old forum thread in our site.

    The suspension has been lifted. We will be sending out an email and posting more details on the blog. :)