Getting data from wrong form in notification

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    Mark Rogers
    Asked on February 17, 2012 at 10:45 AM

    I cloned a new form (LoveLifeCrafting - formID=20441240238) from an old one (LivingGIFTed - formID=11342655235).

    When I receive email notifications, the DATA is from the new form, but the item STEMS are from the old form.

    When I examine the submissions online, everything is correct; it's only the email notifications that have the mixed data.

    This error is not ture on every notification, only on some.

    (It may be that this error started when I changed my url to, but I'm not sure about that.)


    old form:

    new form:


    Sample of erroneous data from recent submission - notification by email:

    Question                 Answer
    You can pick from what I am intending to produce below, or you can name topics
    that you'd like to see soon right here.
    A. How to get GUIDANCE for living, making decisions, choosing partners, and
    other critical tasks that have long-term implications and not enough information
    available.               18/100
    B. How to find INSPIRATION for creativity and passion, so I can be energized and
    excited about life instead of bored or trapped in routine.               80/100
    C. How to feel FULFILLED with meaning and purpose, knowing significance more
    than success, abundance more than achievement, and deep sense of self-worth,
    self-respect, self-confidence.           68/100
    D. How to be TRANSFORMED, growing into who I was meant to be, all of the
    potential inside me breaking free into a whole 'nother level of growth, so that
    I can feel like I'm not just more of myself than I used to be, I'm a better me,
    a more perfected me, a me that I have never imagined I could be.                 100/100
    E. How to use brain biology and psychological concepts to grow spiritually.
    F. How to pray, meditate, contemplate, and listen - with or without specifically
    religious content.               21/100
    G. How to use spiritual growth to manage my Inner Dummy, my worst self.
    H. How to handle guilt, shame, forgiveness (or lack of), and repeated failure to
    live up to my own values.                18/100
    I. How to connect with my Life Director - that which is to my Life Manager self
    as my Life Manager self is to my Inner Dummy.            80/100
    J. How to develop a spiritual practice for my CORE personality type.             43/100
    K. How to grow more faith, more trust, more willingness to be guided.            46/100

    L. How to use affirmations and positive thinking, power of suggestion and
    self-talk to grow spiritually.           22/100
    M. How to know my mission in life, my purpose for being here.
    N. How to keep from going off the deep end spiritually, to have a faith that's
    not foolish, fake, or feral.
    O. How to get over the barriers of my history, heritage, hatred, or others'
    holier-than-thou barriers to spiritual growth.           25/100
    P. The very most basic, simple, easy-to-use, fundamental steps and tools to
    start from scratch growing a spiritual life.             78/100
    Which three of the above? Enter the letters of 3.                I'm ready for this one right
    now! = D
    This one next, real soon. = I
    And then this one, please. = B
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    Answered on February 17, 2012 at 04:59 PM


    it sounds like the notification composition on your cloned form has got a little muddled up, probably the easiest way of rectifying this (unless you have done extensive configuration of your own to the notification composition) is to delete the existing notification and recreate it. 


    To delete the exisiting composition, Click on Email Alerts -> Click on the notification then click on the Delete Email button


    Recreating it is just a matter of clicking on the Email Alerts icon , Clicking Add New Email and selecting Email Notification, reenter your Recipient Email and Sender Email and accepting the defaults in the Composition pane.


    If you need any help working through that or the problem persists after that, let us know.