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    Asked on February 13, 2016 at 12:31 PM


    I am using the logic.  I want each check box to have it's on value then add together and show up in the grand total. 

    sample:  Open Bridle block

    $148 OB show #1

    $148 OB Show #2

    $115 LOB


    Grand total of $411




    Would like to add a radio button to my block so they can only mark one on some questions with a value.






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    Answered on February 13, 2016 at 04:58 PM

    Hi there, 

    I cloned your form and tried to find solution for you.

    First you have to enter values for calculation on your form. 

    To do that you first click on Edit Properties on part of form for which you want to add up values.


    A properties form will show up and there you click on Calculation Values. You already added some values. for "Open bridle classes..."

    You must enter values for all checkbox-es for this to work


    For this to work, first, you must add all values for all checkbox-es. 

    After that you need to click on Conditions.


    A wizard will open and then you click on new condition.



    Then you need to choose what type of condition you want. We choose "Update / calculate field"


    Then you need to set following properties in conditions so you can sum values from parts of form you want. This conditions will sum values from two parts of your form.

    All values from form starting with name "Open Bridle Classes.." and "Show  Open Bridle Classes..".

    We click + sign to add conditions, for this to work you will have to add conditions for all your forms with checkox-es that you want to be summed up.

    1. We choose form titles for which we want to sum values. 

    2. What needs to happen in that form so we can sum values. We want it to sum values from fields when they are checked, so we will choose is filled.

    3. We choose if all or some of conditions need to be true. In your case we need to choose any, so jotform will sum up values on any checkbox click.

    4.What will we do when conditions are met. Here we choose option "Calculate a field's value".

    We click on add field button and choose a form with title that we want to use for calculations.

     5. We added first subform

    6. Sign of calculation that we want to use

    7. Second subform 

    8. Where we will show our calculation result we choose grand total field.


    If you finished all steps from above, you have to click save to apply this condition.

    To apply this to your whole form, just add more conditions with forms that you want to calculate sum (points 1 and 2)  and add calculation fields (points 5 - 7) for new forms.


    You can clone my form and take a look at my conditions in my form, calculation will work for only first three checkbox-es because there is no calculation value for other checkbox-es.

    Link to my form.

    Please let me know if this helped you solve your problem

    Best regards


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    Answered on February 13, 2016 at 05:04 PM

    Regarding a second question, I opened a new thread since it is a separate issue since we have to address each problem individually.

    Link to the second thread:

    Best regards