Payment Error on Stripe form

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    Asked on February 15, 2016 at 02:57 PM

    I have someone trying to use one of our forms who is consistently getting a screen that says "payment error."  It then takes him back to the form, makes him fill it out again, then gives the same error.  We are using Stripe to collect payments.

    I have tested the page and successfully used the form; other people have successfully registered using this and other forms on our website.  Any thoughts?



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    Answered on February 15, 2016 at 04:42 PM

    Unfortunately without seeing the screenshot of the error or a bit more details what happens, we can not know what might have caused the same.

    I presume that the payment error was not the only description of the error. Usually there are additional details next to the same, but (and I can only presume) is that the issue is with the card itself.

    I of course presume that they have enough funds for the charge to be made and that the details are correctly entered.

    Can you see if they can tell you a bit more about the issue that they have?

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    Answered on February 15, 2016 at 04:46 PM

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    Answered on February 15, 2016 at 06:14 PM

    For some reason, the rest of it didn't go through - this is the best that I can get from the customer.  I am going to imagine that it is his card since I have been able to successfully use the form, and others have successfully submitted other forms on the page.  But I just wanted to check.  Thanks for your help, Ben!

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    Answered on February 16, 2016 at 02:44 AM

    Unfortunately, the message at the bottom of the error header is quite blurry and I'm not sure if I'm able to read it properly. Zooming it also does not seem to work.

    From the looks of it, it says "Payment was unsuccessful. Your credit card was not charged."

    The user might need to check with his/her bank to see if the card is still valid to be used, it is has enough funds and there's no other restriction on it.

    This article from Stripe might also be of help: