Trying to update field for Payment Options, but it shows hidden fields

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    Asked on February 17, 2016 at 06:59 PM

    Hi there, 

    If the user decides they no longer want a hotel booking, I'm trying to make it so that the "Payment Options" radial buttons updates to 0 (clearing the selection). However, when I do this, the user is still able to see the check payment instructions, and if I refresh the page, you see "Payment Total" and "Submit Payment and Register." The user first sees the form, they should NOT SEE "Payment Total" and should see "Confirm Registration" (so that it doesn't take them to PayPal. 

    So in sum, what I'd like to do: 

    1. The button "Confirm Registration" will be visible when the user visits the form.

    2. If the user chooses "No" under accommodations, the "Confirm Registration" button still displays and they finish registration. Registration is FREE, so I do not want them to go to PayPal checkout.

    3. If the user chooses "Yes" under accommodations, the "Confirm Registration" button will disappear and the "Submit Registration" button will appear in it's place. 

    4. The user must choose Payment Options. If they choose to pay by check, the "Confirm Registration" button will appear (because it's free to register), and the "Submit Registration" button will disappear. Vice Versa will happen if they choose to pay via the PayPal method.

    5. Say the user decides to change their mind and they no longer want hotel booking. I want all of the hotel booking fields to be rest and hidden, as it appears when they first enter the form.

    Any advice on how to change this would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you,


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    Answered on February 18, 2016 at 04:35 AM

    There are some conflicting conditions that you have and the "DO" action that you are using. Here are the problems I saw and on how to fix them.

    1. Make sure you do not have conflicting conditions. One example is this one:

    Noticed that you have a condition that shows "Payment Total" when "Do you need hotel accommodations?" is set to "Yes". However, you want to hide it when the "Payment Options" is set to "Paypal". The payment options will only be visible when the "Do you need hotel accommodations?" is set to "Yes".


    2. You are also using different show/hide actions on the same fields.


    You are using different "DO" actions on the same fields. The best practice is to use only one type of "DO" action. Let's say use always "Show Multiple" and "Hide Multiple". OR use single "Show" and "Hide". Do not use "Show Multiple" then hide the same field using the single "Hide" action.

    Another tip: You do not need to use the "Hide" or "Hide Multiple" action always to hide a field. When you use the "Show" action AND that condition is not met, then the field associated with it is automatically hidden.



    3. Now when your user changes their mind, let says, the have changed from Paypal to Check, but already have filled some fields, then those fields becomes hidden, they still have the input value on them, the do not reset when hidden. But this can be resolve by changing the "Preferences"->"Advance Settings"->Clear Hidden Field Values". Set it to "Clear on Being Hidden". That automatically resets the value of the input field when hidden.


    I cloned your form and make improvements on it. You can check it here: See if that works as you expected. You can clone it to see how I set it up. Here's how to clone my form: