Phone Number Mapping Problem

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    Asked on February 24, 2016 at 05:58 AM



    I am using the Phone Picker Widget on my jotform.


    My Jotform Maps directly into our OPENCRM system.

    But when this field maps across the phone number, it also includes the country.

    Can this be aneded so that only the phone number comes into my CRM not the Country name also?


    the field should just have "+35389111111 " which is the correct format

    but it imports " Ireland +35389111111" which makes the value incorrect

    can someone help with this please.


    thank you


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    Answered on February 24, 2016 at 10:28 AM

    I presume you are using a custom script via Webhook to pass the data from JotForm to OPENCRM? Or are you using a 3rd party application that does this integration like Zapier?

    Unfortunately, the output value of the Phone Picker widget includes the country. We cannot separate or trim it down (not unless you'll receive the raw input in your own script and strip the country value using a function). 

    If you need to have the numbers only, the best field to use is the default "Phone" number field found under the "Quick Tools" section.

    I hope that helps. Please do provide us some additional information if I misunderstood your concern.