I've stopped receiving form email notifications

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    Asked on February 28, 2016 at 02:01 AM

    I have a form on my website for collecting magazine subscriber information, which (after the user clicks a button at the bottom of the form:"Proceed to Secure Checkout"), they are taken to PayPal to complete the payment for the magazine subscription.  I used to receive both an email from JotForm with the subscription information, and an email from PayPal with the payment information. But lately I don't receive any email notifications from JotForm (the information entered onto the form be a user). I don't believe I have made any changes to the form or email, so I am wondering why this stopped working (that is, why am I not receiving emails with the JotForm data?)

    URL of web page where form resides: http://scandpress.com/subscribe-u.s.html

    (Also on this page for our Canadian version of the form: http://scandpress.com/subscribe-canada.html

    When I login to my account, and view form submissions, they are viewable there, but they are not sent to my email address lately, as they used to be.

    Thank you for any help with this problem.


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    Answered on February 28, 2016 at 06:09 AM

    Hello Sheldon,

    Upon checking your email address info@scandpress.com, I found that it ended up in our bounce list for following reasons:

    Result: info@scandpress.com is IN the bounce list

    Reason(s) : smtp; 554 5.7.1 The message from (<0000015283b11cb5-f5d6f294-f5ea-4dbf-bede-27e4fe611ea3-000000@amazonses.com>) with the subject of (New submission: Contact Us) matches a profile the Internet community may consider spam. Please revise your message before resending.

    I have now removed your email address from our bounce list and it should be working fine. I would suggest you to please change the subject line of your form's email alert.

    Hope this helps.

    Do get back to us if you have any questions.

    Thank you!