Dropbox Integration: More customised sub-folder name by having multiple field names on the form

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    Asked on February 29, 2016 at 05:20 PM

    I've just figured out the Dropbox integration and it's working really well. I'd just like a *little* bit more flexibility over the created sub-folder when a user uploads a file.


    At the moment I have it setup as per the screenshot, but this puts the submissions into a folder titled like: 2016-02-29 04-48PM - A Leeds Company - - Your Submission ID


    The "Your Submission ID" refers to the Random Value Generator on the form. I've also tried putting the ID of the field "{yourSubmission}" but that doesn't work either.


    Any ideas?

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    Answered on February 29, 2016 at 10:53 PM

    I've tried to integrate DropBox with your requirements to check if it can be achievable. As I check the integration window, we see that the fields in the sub-folder option are provided as radio options allowing to choose only one option. I've also tried to add the fields manually but unfortunately, it seems that any other text added to the sub-folder is treated as static text.

    Let me forward the thread to our backend team to evaluate and see if it is possible to implement the feature. I cannot guarantee that the feature shall be implemented or cannot provide any ETA at the moment. However, if there is any update on this, you'll be posted through this thread.

    Thank you! 

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    Answered on March 01, 2016 at 04:59 AM

    Thanks for looking into this Kiran.


    I'll keep an eye on this thread.