How do I create a voting style form

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    Asked on March 01, 2016 at 08:24 AM

    Can you confirm if it is possible to have a voting system set up where by I load x amount of photos and I send the link out for them to vote for the best photo.

    They can only vote for 1 photo and they leave their name and email with the vote (so they cannot vote twice).

    I don't want to receive a notification overtime someone votes but would like to see how many votes the images have. At the end I would want to download the email addresses.


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    Answered on March 01, 2016 at 11:09 AM

    That should be possible creating a simple form with a radio buttons as a means for voting (that should allow users to only cast one vote or one picture), or use a widget that allows you to use images in the radio buttons.

    Here's a sample form that I made: You can clone it so that you can see how it is setup:

    Here are the steps on how I did mine:

    1. First, I'll use the default radio button, I can add HTML elements on the "Options" list, with that I can embed the images there as long as I have the direct links.

    2. I will now assign calculation values on those options. Why? This is a way for me to index them. Let's say Image 1 is #1, Image 2 is #2, Image 3 is #3 and Image 4 is #4.

    3. We will then add a form calculation widget, this will be use to fetch the calculation value from the radio button. What does this do? It tells us what image is currently selected.

    4. In the form calculation widget settings, I'll just click "Add Field" button and select the radio button that we have.

    5. We will now use simple text boxes representing each images. Why? This is where the voting happens, if "Image 1" is selected, then vote 1 and insert it on the text box "Vote for google". You'll see the effect of this in the later part of this tutorial.

    6. How do we insert one of each text box? We will use conditional logic. First select "Update/Calculate Field" in your "Conditions" wizard.

    7. Now we will create a condition like this:

    IF "Selected Image Value" is equal to "1" then insert "1" in text box "Vote for google?".


    8. Now do that same with the other images, make sure that you are referencing the correct image in your conditions. 




    9. Now how do we automatically count the votes? The best way to manage the votes is to have them in a spreadsheet, I strongly recommend using the Google Spreadsheet integration. Here's a guide on how to do that: 

    Below you'll notice the text boxes that we have, they have 1 votes for each row, you can easily sum them up using a formula. 



    The emails are also placed here so you can easily copy them all or download them as an excel file.

    You now have a voting form where you can easily manage data on a spreadsheet. 



    For the concern regarding unique votes, I have opened a separate thread for it. Please refer to this link instead: We will address it shortly. Thank you.