'Auto-Responder' emails to _______@lotterywest.wa.gov.au are bouncing

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    Asked on March 03, 2016 at 02:54 AM

    Can you please check whether that domain is on the bounce list?

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    Answered on March 03, 2016 at 06:41 AM

    The domain itself is not on our bounce list, but we never put a domain on the bounce list - we only put individual email addresses in the bounce list, if they are bouncing (rejecting) our emails.

    I have also checked several email addresses from that domain that have submitted your forms, and I can see that emails are correctly being sent from our end. You can also check your own form email logs - there would be "failed" instead of "sent" if the emails were bouncing.

    It appears that the emails are sending without issues from our end. It could be that the recipient server is filtering our emails, or that they are ending up in the spam or other folders.

    The only thing we can ensure from our end is that everything is filled out correctly, including Sender Name, Sender Email, and Recipient Email - how to setup email alerts to prevent email bouncing related issues.

    If the recipient is still rejecting correctly filled out emails, then you should either (1) contact the administrators of lotterywest.wa.gov.au domain and ask them to whitelist our sender addresses, or (2) you may want to try sending emails from your own SMTP server if you know that they are not filtering emails from your email address.

    I hope this helps.