How to send a copy of the PDF to the user via email?

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    Asked on March 07, 2016 at 02:00 AM

    This probably will have a simple solution however I am using the conditional logic method to enable the user to dictate through a series of questions to a particular page. On this page will be a particular PDF.


    I would like to enable the user to input their own email address and a copy of the PDF would be Emailed to them and or a URL Link to download the PDF - with the intention of them logging on a computer and printing the PDF Off directly.


    At the moment any form sends a notification email to myself and the admin email what I have put in however I would like to enable the user to receive a copy of the PDF as well as the decisions they made in each part of the decision tree.

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    Answered on March 07, 2016 at 02:33 AM

    You can setup an autoresponder in your form so that they can receive a copy of their submission. To do so, simply follow this guide: Creating a Form Autoresponder

    Then you can simply add a PDF Link so that the user can download a copy of their submission as PDF. Just click the PDF Link under the Form Fields as seen below and a {pdf-link} should appear in the body of your autoresponder email.

    Here's a demo so you can see the form in action:

    Enter your email in the Email field and submit the form. You will receive an email with a Download PDF link that you can click to download the PDF.

    If you need further assistance, do let us know.