How can I reset an email template once it's been edited?

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    Asked on March 08, 2016 at 03:20 PM

    I majorly worked on the email that's sent out once "submit" is clicked. I added formatting, extra things, pictures etc. Then, I had to majorly revamp the form itself and move things around.......however, I noticed that it doesn't automatically transfer to the email template once you've edited it.

    Is there a way to to that?? If not, how can I at least reset the template back to start without deleting the whole email?

    I think it's odd that the email doesn't reflect changes on the should be like an Excel spreadsheet where it automatically "updates". Otherwise, I'm stuck having to redo it everytime I add/subtract something.

    Please advise.

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    Answered on March 08, 2016 at 09:21 PM

    The email template used on the form shall be updated automatically when the default template is used. Once there are any changes made to the template, the fields cannot be updated automatically. In order to reset the form to the default template, it is required to create a new notification so that the newly added fields are added automatically to the template. You may copy the content of the new notification created to the old template in order to avoid deleting the old template.

    Hope this information helps! Please get back to us if you need any further assistance. We will be happy to help.