Can jot form be used for creating forms having different user roles like creator and approver?

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    Asked on March 14, 2016 at 03:17 AM

    Step1: A form is created for eg: leave request: Here the user is requesting for leave , filling the form.

    Step 2: Can the above form be send to approver.

    Step 3: The approver vies the form in read only mode or view mode and clicks Approve or reject button.

    Is this scenario possible

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    Answered on March 14, 2016 at 04:40 AM

    This should be possible, however, approver won't be able to approve or reject the submission if he/she is in read-only/view mode. 

    Here's a sample of multi-step form based on the requirements you have: You can clone my form to have a copy of it in your account by following this guide: This is how my form works:

    1. User submits request leave form

    2. User receives a copy of it, Approver/Reviewer also receives an email but with the edit link on it.

    3. When reviewer/admin opens the edit link, she can enter a "code" that lets him/her proceed on the next page.

    4. The 2nd page is dedicated on to the reviewers/admin.

    5. He/she will fill out the review page and re-submits the submission, 


    This is how I will set it up:

    1. First, this will be the part of the user who can fill out a request leave form.


    2. We will then have a text box where the admin or reviewer can type in so that they can see the next page. The next page is the page where reviewers/approver can fill out their entry for that submission. But first, we will need to use the page breaks to have multiple pages for the form. Here's a guide to learn more about page breaks: 

    If for some reason you have multiple reviewers and approvers AND you want them to have separate pages, then that is possible, that question is how do we navigate an approver or reviewer to his/her own? That is possible using conditional logic to skip pages, we will associate it with the "Review Code" text box. Here's a guide about that: 


    3. In my case, I only have one reviewer, so I only have page 2. Here's my "Review Page". Make sure that each page has it is own submit button (I assuming that all the necessary fields are just in one page). 


    4. We will now associate the "Review Code" text box to the page break, the next button should only be displayed if the code is correct. We will use conditional logic on this. I will select "Show/Hide Field".


    Here I can show the page break ONLY if the code entered is "johnsmith". You can setup your own rules in the conditions, you can also add multiple "IF" statements. 


    5. Now the problem is that we don't want the "Review Code" text box to have its value stay there, we want to remove it. To do this, we will then use another conditional logic. Select "Update/Calculate Field".

    6. hen output an asterisk to the "Review Code" once the "Status" field in the "Review Page" has already been filled out. This, of course, depends on how you would like the review code to reset, in my case, I just want to change the previously inputted review code to "*****". Similar to resetting something so that the code "johnsmith" won't be shown in the actual submission.


    7. We now have a 2 page form. 1 page for the user who submits the form and the other is the reviewer/approver. We now want to seutp the emails.

    "To Reviewer/Approver" is an email notification. Here's a guide on how to set it up: 

    "Autoresponder: Copy of leave request to submitter" is an autoresponder. Here's a guide on how to setup this one: 


    Now if you want to send the notification to specific reviewers or admins, then that is possible by using conditional logic. You can learn more about it in this guide: You can associate a form field as the "IF" statement rule to which email address you want to send it.

    Now the reviewers/approver will receive that email alerts, but we want to include the edit link for the submission, to do this, edit the email template for the notification, click "Form Fields" drop down list and select "Edit Link", you'll see that it will add an {edit_link} tag in your email body.


    8. For the autoresponder, we don't want them to see the form fields for the reviewers, so make sure to edit the email template for that one:

    I just left the "Full Name", "E-mail" and "Signature" field.



    Important things to consider:

    - Note, when the submission has been edited, all notifications (including conditions that are true) will also be sent again. Except for the autoresponder, but it you want to resent the autoresponder when the submission has been edited, that is possible by enabling the option "Send on editing submission".


    - If you don't want the reviewer/admin to edit the first page, unfortunately, that is not possible because they are using the edit link. However, to make sure that no accidental changes may happen, you can make a 3rd email notification. That email alert is defaulted to send on your primary admin email address, it is something like an email audit trail, you can compare or cross match the copy of the email submission in your JotForm account's submissions page


    Initial email notification received by admin shows that full name of user is "Tony Stark".

    When reviewer/approver edits the submission using the edit link to give his/her review, you will receive an update email with the changes made. If the full name of user in the update email is "Tony1 Stark", then the reviewer/approver might have accidentally change or type in it.


    I know this is quite a long post, but I hope this gives you an idea o how to proceed.