The Changes are not Applied to My Form

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    Asked on March 16, 2016 at 08:18 AM


    I have just completed a complex form and have been saving as I went, testing the form and with PayPal but when I back arrowed from PayPal my form, which was originally called 'Clone of Clone of Fair@Square 2016 Exhibitor Contract' and which I changed to 'Early Bird Fair@Square 2016 Exhibitor Contract' with all the changes, has reverted back to the original 'Clone of Clone...'Form. 

    I don't want to have to create all the changes again. Are you able to help?


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    Answered on March 16, 2016 at 09:26 AM

    Hi there,

    When I checked the formID of the form, I can see that form still has the name "Clone of Clone of Fair@Square 2016 Exhibitor Contract"; but on the "Revision History", it seems that 80 changes have made on form in one hour.

    Please see it from the below:


    To check the previous versions of your form, please follow the steps from the following guide:


    If you need any extra information or assistance, please do let us know.


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    Answered on March 16, 2016 at 09:59 AM


    Thanks, but I cant find the changes that I made in the revision history, Also I had renamed it 'Early Bird Exhibitor Contract'.

    For example, see attached screenshot of some of the sample changes I made:




    It looks like I'll have to recreate it. However if you can find it please let me know.




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    Answered on March 16, 2016 at 10:58 AM

    Since there are several changes being recorded in the form revision history for the form, it shows that the form is being saved without any issue. We request you to go through the revision history for each change to look after the changes made so that you can revert it to the correct version.

    I see that there is another form in your account with the title "(NEW) Early Bird Fair@Square 2016 Exhibitor Contract". I'm not sure if you are looking for this JotForm.

    I see that the following screen from this form that looks similar to the changes that you made:

    Please get back to us if you need any further assistance. We will be happy to help. 

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    Answered on March 16, 2016 at 11:03 AM

    Hi Kiran

    Yes that screenshot is from a 'print' version of the correct form.

    Thanks for your quick reply but I'm currently recreating the form from the information I recorded in the 'print' version. And have named this new form '(NEW) Early Bird Fair@Square.....'


    thanks anyway


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    Answered on March 16, 2016 at 11:10 AM

    We are sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused. Most of the form saving issues can be avoided by enabling Auto-save on the form by right-clicking on blank space of the form and selecting Enable Auto-save. 



    If you need any further assistance, please let us know. We will be happy to help.