Widget News! Issue #27 Happy St. Patrick's

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    Asked on March 17, 2016 at 03:22 AM

    As the festivities kick off around the world, the Jotform Widget Team wishes all a happy St. Patrick's Day.

    With that, we are happy to announce what the Jotform Widget Team has released updates which help you create better, powerful forms faster than ever before.

    Jotform Widgets leverage powerful functionality by adding tools, resources and third party plugins to your form.  

     All Jotform Widgets are free to use, supercharging your form at no extra cost. 

    That’s one more reason to celebrate, right?



    Images help us illustrate ideas with ease. Applying this same logic to your form, this widget makes answering questions on your form a breeze, presenting possible answers as images for your users to pick:

    We’ve fixed an error validation bug, as well as some layout and performance improvements. See the Image Picker in action!

    QR Codes are a sure way of pointing your users to specific resources through your form. It could be a URL, a link , data, or an alphanumeric code. Your users can scan to access, see or open what you have encoded: 

    We’ve made the generated QR code available on email notifications, as well made some layout improvements. Check out the QR Code here!

    Presentation is very important. Use a well-known, Android-inspired picker on your form: 

    We’ve re-written the widget for easier configuration when customizing it for your form. Check out the Android List here.

    If you need to demarcate certain areas on your form, this is the widget that lets you add a simple separator between each section: 

    Simple to use, customizable, works right out of the box. Check out the Basic Separator here.

    Collect ratings with each form submission with the like and dislike widget:

    We’ve fixed a bug that prevented the themes from being changed. Check out the Like and Dislike widget here.


    Collect essay responses, or narrative responses with a specific character count:

    The text-area now responds to the form width. Check out the Character Counter here.




    It really helps when users have places to reference their answers while filling out your form. One such tool is the Find a Country Widget:

    Updated the widget layout for a clean-flat finish. Check out Find a Country here.

    This is one of the best references for health checks you can add to your form. Using the Harris Benedict Equation, the widget returns accurate results that will help your users work on their health and exercise: 

    We’ve fixed the layout and added five new themes. Check out the Calorie Intake Calculator here


    That’s all we had for you this time.

    We appreciate the feedback, the reports and ratings we receive from you. This helps us focus on delivering cutting-edge technology to your form - and at no additional cost! 

    Lots of our users are still signing up, so go ahead and subscribe to our periodic newsletter if you haven’t already.   

    Happy St.Patrick’s!


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    Answered on March 17, 2016 at 12:49 PM

    Great job Widgets Team!