Create Autoresponder with condition to send when user gets certain score in quiz

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    Asked on March 24, 2016 at 06:25 PM

    I have my jot form "Wag Orientation" using the Quiz app and emailing my Gmail account.


    I was hoping to setup a filter in gmail to auto respond based city and test score. I had all the filtering figured out when I realized the email comes in from ( How can I setup auto response?

    Here is the formula i was using in Gmail: from:( subject:(Orientation Quiz) "LA", {14/17, 15/17, 16/17. 17/17}

    Do I have to do it in Jotform? Can I change something so the reply comes from the applicants email? 


    Please help!


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    Answered on March 24, 2016 at 08:44 PM

    If you want to setup an autoresponder notification, you would need first to add an email field so users can enter their email. I have just reviewed your form and this fields does not exist. I also noticed that you have two hidden fields. The first calculates the number of correct answers. While the second get the percentage.

    To create the autoresponder, press the EMAIL button on the top toolbar and press NEW EMAIL

    Once you added this field and created the autoresponder notification, you just need to create a condition. Press the CONDITION button on the top toolbar and select CHANE E-MAIL RECIPIENT.

    Your condition should look something like:

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    Answered on March 25, 2016 at 01:45 PM
    The score and percentage fields are not working. I have tried everything to
    fix. What do i need to do to get the score and percentage to show?
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    Answered on March 25, 2016 at 02:07 PM

    I am not quite sure if I understood your concern correctly.

    Would you like to receive the notification showing that it is FROM the user's email address?

    Example: User 1 filled out your form and used the email, you want to receive the notification in your end that shows that it came from and NOT Is that correct?

    May we also know what you meant by "Auto respond". In JotForm, there are two email alerts. One is an email notification/notifier, and the other is an autoresponder. Here are their guides:


    Here are the guides: 


    Basically, the autoresponder sends an email to the user who filled out the form based on an email field in your form. However, you do not have an email field in your form titled "Clone of Wag Orientation Quiz" and "Wag Orientation Quiz".

    Perhaps you can share as an example of what you are trying to accomplish so that we can better assist you.

    We'll wait for your response.