How to send submissions to multiple email addresses on the old email interface?

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    Asked on March 25, 2016 at 03:19 PM

    I am trying to configure our current form so multiple people receive the form when it is submitted. The instructions on the website do not match the screens I am seeing when trying to change the email address. Can you please assist? My phone number is 757-945-9942, if you are able to contact me via telephone. Thanks.


    I have attached the instruction screen for adding multiple emails as it the screen that does not show up when I access the email section of the form.

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    Answered on March 25, 2016 at 04:47 PM

    Please do note that we do not provide a phone support. We however would be happy to assist with the same here.

    In regards to the guides, please do note that they have all been updated to the new wizards, instead of the old ones that will be replaced in the coming days.

    To do this within the old interface, the following steps should be taken:

    1. Click on the Emails option in the toolbar

    2. Since you do not have any emails on your form you will first need to create one

    3. Now select Notifier (sent to you) or autoresponder (sent to people submitting the form). In your case it is email notifier. Once we do we just click on Next.

    4. Set the email up as we want to have it set up

    Sender Name can be value from any field on your form, it does not need to be JotForm. For example, it could be Event Name from your form. Just click on the dropdowns on the right to select the option you wish to use.

    Sender E-mail can be either your verified email (I do not recommend using verified email addresses), some of your SMTP email addresses (this is preferred if you wish to not use JotForm emails), or (which we suggest to use).

    Reply-to Email field allows you to set up the email that you can reply right away if you click on the reply button in your email client. This defaults to the email field on your form, allowing you to quickly get in touch with your clients after getting their reply.

    Attach PDF option allows you to send yourself a PDF of the submitted data alongside the email.

    Recipient E-mail field is where you will place all the email addresses that you wish to receive the email notification once the form is submitted. This can be a single email address, or multiple ones.

    It is this field where we will be adding more email addresses. The only thing to note is that when you add emails, they should be separated by comma and space, but there should be neither of the two after the last email address.

    For example, if we wish that the following two emails get notification: and then we would add them as so:,

    Once you set it all up, you just click on Next button.

    This will take you to the email body to set it up, from where you can simply click on Finish button to be able to test the email.

    It is important to note that the Test button that you will see on that screen will always send email to only one email address - the one that is associated with your account and no other - regardless of the setup. Its purpose is to test the submitted data layout - not the setup.

    The only way to check if you have set the multiple emails setup right is to open your form and actually submit the same. As soon as you do, you should receive emails to both (or more) emails that you have set in your email notifier.

    Hope that this helps, but of course, if you have any questions, just let us know :)