URGENT - NOT getting any mail

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    Asked on March 01, 2012 at 02:55 PM

    Apparently for some time now, (months) I have not been getting ANY of my mail from my sites.  The thank you form works, the test emails worked when I intially set them up (for me and my clients), but I am being notified by customers who have found other means to contact me that they have sent mail that has gone unanswered.  And I have checked my spam filters... all is functioning.  I'm sure you can agree, that as a web developer, this is NOT good for my clients that I code with jotform contact pages. I am concerned that they are not getting their mail either. Please look into this immediately, as this presents a multiplicity of problems for me and I am very unhappy at this point.  At one time I was a paying customer, but needed to downgrade to the free version for a few months.  I was told that this would NOT affect any incoming or outgoing mail.  This is an urgent matter.  Please respond by the close of business today.  An example from my stat page is as follows.  I did not receive this mail to heb4twelve@yahoo.com as of 1:50 pm CST 3/1/12 and it was not in any spam filter.   


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    Answered on March 01, 2012 at 08:10 PM

    So sorry to hear about this. Deleting the condition might help. Since the Your E-mail Address field is a required one, it must be completed in order for the form to be submitted. And since a notification is set for the form, you should be notified once a submission has been made. Therefore, it's not necessary to have a condition specifying that the same email alert be sent to the same email address.

    I hope that didn't sound too confusing because it's a bit confusing to me who wrote it!

    Setting the Sender Name and Sender E-mail to JotForm and noreply@jotform.com respectively might also help but since you've indicated that the notifications aren't even in the spam folder, I doubt that would make a difference.

    Currently, those are the best solutions I can think of but my colleagues may have better ones.

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    Answered on March 08, 2012 at 09:11 AM

    I do not know if the matter is this, but I'm also not receiving emails from forms submitted. What is happening? What is the problem?




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    Answered on March 08, 2012 at 09:50 AM


    I already answer your question. You may take a look on this thread http://www.jotform.com/answers/82873-I-m-not-receiving-emails-from-forms-submitted-What-is-happening-What-is-the-problem#1

    Thank you!