Report/Email data incorrect or missing

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    Asked on April 14, 2010 at 12:22 PM

    There are three issues I noticed with the new reporting/email functions:

    1. When I run a report to show how tickets sales, each item is displayed as its HTML tag value instead of the item name.
    Customer purchasing one ticket, clicks item "1 Attendee", but the report displays "10774241244".

    2. I cannot seem to find any way to review/edit the payment status of an order. Previously, I could click to view payments, and it would tell me if the payment was pending or complete (I use PayPal).
    My hope is that I could not only see if they submitted the payment, but also that I'd be able to update the status, say...If a customer filled out the registration form, canceled out of the PayPal payment, and instead called me directly with a credit card to make their payment.

    3. There does not seem to be anyway to add the "Form Title" to the Notification Emails I receive.

    I realize this is a newly implemented platform, so I expect to run into a few bugs here and their. So far I'm excited about the changes.

    Thank you for your help!