My forms show a message that they are not disabled - "Form Not Found - this form is disabled"

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    Asked on April 05, 2016 at 04:26 PM

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    None of my forms are working. Can someone contact me ASAP? I run an accounting company and none of my clients are able to submit their information to me for tax preparation. This is the middle of tax season. Huge inconvenience! There is more than one URL that is broken due to this problem. Several of our forms will be deleted to conform with your company policy. Please release the hold on my account.

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    I just noticed that all of my jot form are not working. There was a message saying my account was suspended due to fishing...?

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    Answered on April 05, 2016 at 05:14 PM

    Please do avoid opening multiple threads in regards to the same subject.

    Doing so is likely to cause your account to be suspended from our forum as it might seem as forum spamming.

    I have at this time incorporated all information from other threads here to this one and we will be assisting you about this over the same. This is the link to this thread:

    Now in regards to your issue. Please do note that you can not use JotForm to ask for username, password and credit card details. These are all considered as bad and will lead to immediate account suspension.

    This is the relevant part from the terms of use:

    Phishing. You agree that Company may terminate your JotForm Service immediately if a form's purpose is found to be deceptively obtaining: sensitive credit card information, social security numbers, user login credentials, or other sensitive personal information. All these activities are considered as Phishing and any account along with the violating forms will be suspended immediately.

    At this time, you are asking for all of the above mentioned on your form "Bookkeeping Bank & Payment Form".

    As such we can only reactivate your account once we remove the relevant fields from your form or the form in total.

    I have removed the same, but please do note that if you introduce them to your form(s) again, that your account will be suspended again, at which time it could be permanently.