Auto reply email with predefined pricing, after form submission.

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    Asked on April 07, 2016 at 02:45 AM


    I wish to create a insurance quotation form with auto reply with answer.

    1. Form will ask for Name, Date of birth, Gender, Tel and email.

    2. Based on Gender and age calculated ( match ), jotform will auto reply email to the prospect with form field value ( premium to pay ) and some other custom text.

    My form :

    Example :

    If customer Info match Male and age as in the table, then jotform will update the form field value ( Premium to pay ) with the respective price based on their age.

    Note : i did able to use 'update value field' to field the 'premium' field. But this step will need so many repeated conditional rules for each age.

    Please assist me to find a more practical solution.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Answered on April 07, 2016 at 04:43 AM

    Hi there,

    To do the scenario you want, we need to calculate the age of the user with 2 "DateTime" fields (today's date will be extracted from the date of birth by using the "Form Calculation" widget's field) and set a "Change Email Recipient" conditions to send confirmation emails with respect to the criteria from "Gender" and "Age" fields. Also we need to define different "Autoresponder"s  for all possibilities. For example, "Female and Age 20 , then the value reply to email is 200/month." is one "Autoresponder".


    1) After adding the 2 "DateTime" fields (one is showing the current data and the other one is asking the date of birth), we need to add "Form Calculation" widget with the correct calculation.

    Below, you can see the necessary calculation to find the age of the submitter:


    2) Create the "Autoresponder"s for all of the options (Female and Age 20, Female and Age 21 to 23, etc.). Please, see the one of the example from the below:


    3) After this, we need to define the "Change Email Recipient" conditions for all of the possibilities. Please, see the one of them's setup:


    Please, don't forget that you need to repeat the step 2 and 3 for all of the options you have, then your form will be ready to use. Also, you can check/clone the form that I created to demonstrate the situation from the below:


    For further assistance, please do let us know.


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    Answered on April 07, 2016 at 04:51 AM

    Hello sir,

    Thank you for your fast reply.

    Can i have more practical way of solution perhaps? Because i have about 360 options for different set of situation. ( age, gender, smoking status ) [ about 8 set of the below table ]

    Thank you very much :)

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    Answered on April 07, 2016 at 07:08 AM

    Hi there,

    You can lower the "Autoresponder" number (1 "Autoresponder" for every set), if the only the price (Premium(RM)) is changing on the email tables; but since the "Premium(RM)" is changing for every age, you need to add condition for every one of them.


    1) We need to add a new "Form Calculation" widget to determine the "Premium(RM)" with respect to the age selection.


    2) Then, you need to set a "Update/Calculate Field" condition for every age (because there is no fixed amount of increasing between ages). Please, see it from the below:


    3) After that, we need to create only one "Autoresponder" for (Male- Non Smoking). It will update the value on "Premium(RM)", because we created the necessary conditions on the previous step.


    4) Finally, create one "Change Email Recipient" condition for the "Man - Non Smoking" group.


    This will lower the "Autoresponder" number; but the "Update/Calculate Field" condition number will be high, because there are different values for all ages. I hope this will work for you, please do let us know.



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    Answered on April 07, 2016 at 07:10 AM

    Also, I updated the example form, so you can use that one too. Below, you will see the form's link: