How do the paid accounts work?

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    Asked on April 18, 2016 at 04:37 PM

    So I represent a nonprofit and managing costs are of primary importance.  Could you please clarify the BRONZE pricing?  When you say "1000 Monthly Submissions, SSL Secure Submissions and Receive Payments", could you please break that down by Submissions and Payment Submissions?  Does that mean a COMBINED Submissions + Payment Submissions not to exceed 1000?  Or 1000 Submissions AND 1000 Payment Submissions? We're trying to get a handle on how many donations we could do through PayPal, successes, rejects, abandoning and just form views.

    I'm a little confused, please clarify.  

    Great product guys!

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    Answered on April 18, 2016 at 05:50 PM

    For example, if you purchase the Bronze plan you will get 1,000 monthly submissions, about SSL submissions this is the same limit  as all our forms are secure by default now, you may read more  about it on this link: 


    About payments, you have the same limit, 1,000 payments on a month; however, once you have reached one of  these limits your account is disabled and you need to wait until the first day of the next month to get your account available again. 

    In other words, you may receive 100 submissions and 0 payments, but if you start to receive payments then they will count as submissions as well, it means if you receive 10 payments in a week and you already had 100 submissions, then you will have 110 submissions and 10 payments, but if you stop receiving payments and keep receiving submissions you may reach the submissions limit and you will be notified when this happens. 

    Anything should exceed the 1,000 limit, once a counter reach this limit then you will be notified and you will not be able to receive any of your submissions/payments. 

    Secure submissions will count always, does not matter if was sent a payment through your form or only a submission, basically this counter will be the same as the submissions counter. 

    Hope this will help you, but if you have more questions or this is still not clear, do let  us know and we will be glad to help you.