How can I use save and continue later in wordpress?

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    Asked on April 27, 2016 at 10:07 AM


    I've got 2 questions

    I use quite a large registration form in a wordpress site.

    In fact it starts witch form 1 which is a car finance, or other /mortgage simulator embeded in wordpress site.F

    One the visitor hits yes this is the loan i want in the simulator, the visitor gets in my wordpress the 2nd Form (also embedded) WITH the results from the simulator injected in form 2. Form 2 is a sort of demand./registration form, peronalia, work, partner, income, other loans,...) i think i have around 400 fields in totall.

    Now you understand that people start to complete this form, but didn't expected that it took 10minutes or more to complete, or they don't have the necessary documents for filling out the questions.

    So can i provide them a save and continue  later? 

    IN my domain. This is the 2nd form


    i had some problems with the wordpress part so i can't give you a working wordpress domain url.

    But on that end i know how to embedd, redirect ....

    I only want to create a save and continue later for instance on a domain

    (this is not online for the moment)

    And is there a way that visitors can change theire submission after hitting send/submit.

    But this question i see this more in a sort of client account page

    where they have theire profile in full.

    So my 2nd questiong is

    2. How can i provide some sort of client account profile page 

    With Jotform, or with a third party addon, or true some sort of database which i can use in wordpress to prepolate?

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    Answered on April 27, 2016 at 11:22 AM

    We have two methods of saving form data and continue later. We have the Session URL method ( and we have the autofill method (

    Session URL: This method is recommended if your users are filling up the form on multiple device and browsers. Because with this method, the data on the session is saved to our servers.

    Autofill: The data in the form is only saved on the local browser storage so it's recommended to continue on the same device and browser.

    Your other questions are moved into separate threads, please find them below:

    Editing the submission:

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