Disabling the Unique Question Limit in the form when a field is blank or not filled

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    Asked on May 03, 2016 at 10:36 AM

    Please note, this is a copy of a live form. Clone form behaves the same as Original.

    The first field is a choice: Team Leader or Team Member

    The selection has a condition: if Team Leader is selected, form Boat Number will show, and if Team Member is selected, form Team Boat Number will show.

    Boat Number has a unique question applied to form. This functions properly. 1111 has been entered and can not be entered again. 

    Team Boat Number should not have any unique question applied, and allow a user to enter any number including what already has been entered. But if I enter 1111, the form is stating that number is already taken. This is not functioning correctly.

    I have posted this issue previously, and it appeared as though it may have been user error. But this is not the case. The unique question is not working and now I have a client who is rather upset.

    Please Note: The Original form has the unique question turned off, so users can complete form.

    Link: http://www.cgcsg2.com/kr255.html

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    Answered on May 03, 2016 at 12:24 PM

    I've created this simple form to elaborate what happen: https://form.jotform.com/61234997989983. Please don't fill the Boat Number field and just submit it twice. You'll see that you can submit it then the error will show up on the second attempt.

    The same case happens to your form. When Team Member is selected, the Boat Number field will be hidden in the form. The field is blank and the unique question still considers that the field has a value. 

    I've created a ticket about this through this thread. I think the unique question shouldn't be triggered when the field is blank. We'll let you know here for updates.

    For the meantime, I would suggest disabling the Unique Question limit in the form. I'm afraid that we don't have a workaround for this other than disabling the feature in the form.