Order Form: How to allow users to select more than one option in one product?

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    Asked on May 03, 2016 at 05:14 PM



    Just found your service and am liking it so far. I am trying to understand how to better use the Purchase Order module to work for our product. Our intention is to create an online order form for our customers. 




    Our products are as follows 


    Three Pack

    Six Pack

    Twenty Pack


    Each of those can either be BLUE or GREEN, while each of those comes in 6 different varieties. So I suppose what I need is a multibox that allows selection of these different variables.


    So an example:

    Customer wants 10 singles, 10 three packs, 10 six packs, and 10 twenty packs. Customer wants half of each to be Blue and have of each to be Green. The customer wants the singles in variety #1, the three packs in variety #2, and so on.


    Any ideas?





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    Answered on May 03, 2016 at 07:58 PM

    Using the payment integration will allow you to select only one option for one product and as I can understand you want to allow your users to select more than one option for one product, for example let say that a user selects the products and options as below:

    Product 1.

    Option 1

    Option 2

    Option 3

    I'm not sure how this will work for you, but I think that a good way to achieve what you want, would be using the Matrix Field since it allows to display fields inline and have more than one option for one field, for example, I added a matrix field to my form and it looks like this: 

    You are also able to select the type of field that will be displayed in the field: 

    You will need to use calculation to get the total amount to pay and this guide will help you with that:


    You may add the formula to calculate the total in the Form Calculation widget, for example, set the price of the product and then set a different price depending on the selected option if you want, you may also add calculation values to each option in the matrix field: 


    You will need to make a change to the payment integration and instead of set it up with products you  will select the option to get custom amount: 

    Also, on this guide you will find the steps to pass the value from the calculation wizard to the payment field: 


    Here is a sample form that I made using this method: https://form.jotform.com/61237977182969

    It is only adding the quantity of each option and product, but it does not have a price set. 

    This is a way to do what you're looking for, another option would be escalate this thread to our second level and let our developers know your request about selecting multiple options for the same product, but here we can not provide an ETA about when it may be available, it will depend on the number of users requesting the same feature. 

    Other option would be adding each product with each option as single product, for example if you have one product and this has three options then you will need to split this in three different products in order to allow your users to select more than one option.