Splitting data from Configurable list widget into multiple columns of exported Excel file

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    Asked on May 05, 2016 at 08:00 AM

    This is just a comment on the EXCEL format of the data from output the form submittals and how it compares to the E-Mail format of the data.

    The EXCEL format output is useless. 

    I have several fields in my form and the EXCEL output format concatenates a large number of the fields into one EXCEL woorksheet cell, but not all of them.  There is no way to separate the data when it is all one text string in one cell.

    When I get the data in an E-Mail I can copy it into EXCEL and manipulate the cells so it fits my format.

    All fields end up in separate cells in EXCEL.

    This works the same when I copy the data from the online JotForm form submittal history.

    When I get E-Mail data that was derived from a configurable list and do a regular paste into EXCEL the formatting and orientation of the data is retained and very usable in EXCEL.

    I expected the EXCEL output to have all the field names in column 1 and all the corresponding results in column 2.

    Are there other methods of getting the data into my EXCEL program so I can make use of it without manipulation of the data?

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    Answered on May 05, 2016 at 09:22 AM

    Due to the programmatic way our system works, including generation of Excel files, each form field / form question always goes to its own cell in the Excel or CSV file.

    This applies to all form fields, even those that accept multiple inputs - such as Configurable List widget, Infinite List widget, or a regular Matrix field. Each widget or form field is technically one field, no matter how many "sub-fields" it may have, so all the data collected through that form field goes to one cell in the Excel output.

    Excel file must have a predictable number of columns, where it must know in advance which Excel column will hold data from which form field. If that weren't the case, the variable number of possible columns from the Configurable List widget would cause all the columns that come after Configurable List to be placed on a different column in each row.

    When our system is generating the Excel file, it must generate it with each form field corresponding to a single cell in the sheet. If you want to split it up later on into multiple other columns/cells, you may want to use the Text-to-Columns function of your Excel software: