How to generate unique codes to identify submission.

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    Asked on May 06, 2016 at 05:59 PM

    2. I am doing as I said one formualrio "Orders Services Digital" in this case for Web Category, partial and / or recurring payment of 50% at baseline and 50% at the end of the order and deliver service work I slicitado, ok until now understand me, I hope so ... so, to make this whole process and I can have the data in this form in another form that is where the User - Customer will pay for all this and entered the widget "RNG Codes" to follow havcer User-Customer and Order Requested

    Here are not problems, but questions:

       - With this Widget I can to track Formualrios?

       - I Use Codes generated to identify each Order of formualrio?

       - I Use Codes generated for integration into other formualrio and this can search for and                idenificar the order requested with this code and based on despliegeun search options, of              course I guess this is with conditions?

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    Answered on May 06, 2016 at 06:13 PM

    Not really sure to have understood your point. But, if you need to generate unique codes or Ids for each submission, here is how: