Can JotForm serve all of our org's form/survey needs?

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    Jonathan Rogers 
    Asked on May 13, 2016 at 12:00 PM

    EPE is seeking to conslidate it's form/survey technologies (e.g. Formsite, JotForm, SurveyMonkey, Regonline) and provide additional functionality that staff members want (e.g. tight salesforce integration, greater design control, etc.)

    I have attached listed our requirements below. It would be very helpful if a representative could respond to each requirement with a Yes/No or additional comment as fitting so that we can determine if we should scale up our use of JotForm and cease from using our other tools.


    Jonathan Rogers

    (301) 280-3226



    Boost conversion rates, lead volume, reader engagement, and business intelligence.


    Append form data to user profiles to personalize marketing. Consolidate form and survey technologies (e.g. Formsite, JotForm, RegOnline, SurveyMonkey) Shift staff time from report building to data analysis, personalization, and other strategic efforts. Automatically populate email marketing database with profile data from form submissions. Boost form conversion rates via A/B testing, prefill data, and retargeting. Route qualified leads to distinct marketing teams through Salesforce. Trigger customer surveys (e.g. NPS) when opportunities are “Closed Won”. Increase EPE’s business intelligence via more robust reporting and data analysis tools.


    Look & Feel

    Can add images, logos, and rich text to individual forms and success pages. Full HTML/CSS control and scripting. Can deploy a common header/footer across all forms. Can execute bulk actions (e.g. design and text changes across multiple forms). Responsive design.


    WYSIWYG editor, wizard, or other tool to make form creation easy for non-IT personnel. Reusable form templates with ability to add and/or delete fields on a cloned form. Can "save" progress on a new form and return to “edit” it later. Staff can upload files to a common hosting repository to customize forms. Can add hidden fields with pre-selected values to individual forms. Can preview form before publishing. Can use a “redirect URL” to route form submissions to a success page (e.g. PDF). Can test downloading the success page prior to publishing. Can deploy an HTML “thank you” prior to the success page. Can trigger form sends from Salesforce events (e.g. customer satisfaction survey) Role-based access control (i.e. can define role permissions, user roles, etc.)


    Secure form processing with SSL encryption. Fully customizable form fields. Conditional fields. Form input validation rules. Can create or update Salesforce objects with form data. Can prefill forms and progressively profile users based on external data (e.g. CRM, EMS). Easy access to data via API and/or FTP.



    Can create form-specific registrant reports. Can specify the format of report exports (e.g. Excel) and the data fields to display. Can automate form-specific reporting for delivery to multiple email addresses. Can apply form-specific report naming conventions. Can vary frequency of emailed reports (e.g. monthly, weekly, daily). Can adjust data sets sent via email (e.g. all data, data since last email, skip blank reports Can report on aggregate data (e.g. registrants for forms Q-Z; registrant totals by form). Can search/filter registrant data and/or reports by advertiser.


    Can host forms on EPE domains. Unique URLs for each form and form “thank you” page. Can add 3rd-party scripts to form and “thank you” pages (e.g. Adobe, AdRoll, Optimizely). Embedded analytics (e.g. referrals, field abandonment, time on form, A/B testing, etc.)


    Can execute multi-page surveys. Supports all survey question types offered by SurveyMonkey. Can import historical survey data from SurveyMonkey.




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    Answered on May 13, 2016 at 01:27 PM

    I strongly suggest checking our form builder and try creating some test forms. That will give you more information if our product best fits your needs and if it meets your requirements. Another resource that you can refer to are the following links:

    About Us page 

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    Comprehensive User Guides 

    Terms of Use 

    Privacy Policy page 


    For your specific questions, here's the answer to the first one:


    Look & Feel

    Can add images, logos, and rich text to individual forms and success pages. Full HTML/CSS control and scripting. Can deploy a common header/footer across all forms. Can execute bulk actions (e.g. design and text changes across multiple forms). Responsive design.

    Yes, you can add images and text on your form builder. You can easily the fields, features, and other advance options in the form builder itself:


    You can redesign the form using CSS and our advance Form Designer Tool. Here are some guides that might help you:

    How to use the Form Designer Tool 

    How to inject custom CSS code in your form 


    You cannot add Javascripts directly on the form using the form builder, we do not allow that. However, you can add your own scripts if you download the form's full source code. Here's how you can get that: 


    For bulk actions, it is not possible. You need to manually change each form one by one if you need to edit something. But you can use a template for a general layout that you have. Here's a guide on how to share a form as a template: 


    By default, I believe the forms are responsive. However, we do have direct options that allows you to make the form mobile responsive. Here's a guide that you can refer to: 



    For the other questions that you have, I have opened separate threads for them so that we can have a better discussion. Here are the links to those questions:

    Question #2: 

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    We will address those questions accordingly. Thank you.