Show a different set of players in the dropdown field based on the team number entered.

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    Asked on May 23, 2016 at 12:58 AM

    We are trying to create a form for soccer player evaluations.  There are 80 coaches who each need to rate individual players on their team.  At the moment, each coach enters their name onto the form and also enters each players name (see form) Instead of the coaches entering each players name we are going to revise the form and create a drop down box (to list each players name).  I would like to take this one step further.  The question is this:

    We do not want the entire list of 200+ players to appear on the drop down list (for every coach) but only players for one particular team/coach.  I believe that a solution to this may be for every coach to have a unique login id and the login id would associate the coach with a particular team.  When the coach log's in to jotform, the only player names that will appear in the drop down box will be for one particular team. 

    OR if that is not possible another solution would be to associate the team/players with a unique team number (that the coach enters). When the coach enters the team number the players listed in the drop down box will only be those associated with that team.  

    Are either of these options a possibility?

    Thanks for your help with this matter.  I look forward to hearing from you!

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    Answered on May 23, 2016 at 02:05 AM

    It is not possible to create a login for the form, since it is a violation of jotform's terms. Please note that collecting login data (username and password) is not allowed.

    However, I believe your second option can be achieved in jotform. You can setup the form so that when the coach enters the team number, a dropdown box will appear with all the names associated with that team. To set it up, you will need to set the Show/Hide conditions for the team number field, and also create different dropdown fields for each team. Please follow the guide below:

    1. First, add the dropdown fields for each team. Input the names of each player in the corresponding dropdown fields.

    2. Then we add the Team Number field.

    3. Now that we have the fields setup, you can now add a Show/Hide condition. Please check this guide for more information: Smart Forms Using Conditional Logic

    4. Once you have added the conditions for each team's dropdown field, it should look something like this. In my demo, I have three teams dropdown field so I have three conditions for each of them.


    Here's the link to the demo so you can see it in action: 
    You can enter the numbers 101, 102, or 103 to the Number field to see the different team's dropdown field.

    If you need further assistance, please let us know.