'GB' appearing in my 'Country' box!!

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    Asked on May 30, 2016 at 01:44 PM

    This is probably not your problem, but I thought I would ask the question, as you have been so co-operative in the past!

    I created a form with a simple text box with the tag 'Country'. Form id 61504823685358.

    When I previewed the form through the Jotform website the text box was empty.

    However, when I embeded the form in my google sites website, the box was being prefilled with 'GB' (for Great Britain - my current location) and even in each of the five browsers I was using to test the form.  Even when someone in Spain viewed the webpage through their mobile phone, 'GB' was still being displayed in the Country box.  I wouldn't have minded if it displayed Spain or ESP, but GB was displayed - in Spain.

    I overcame the problem simply by calling the form id from a link on my web page which opended the form in a separate window and the field was empty.

    Any idea why this happens?

    Thank you.


    Dee Cox

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    Answered on May 30, 2016 at 02:06 PM

    There are two main reasons that could cause this, one, if you gave a default value to the field from Form Builder( In that case, the default value would be displayed when viewing form from direct URL), two, if you have populate the field via URL parameter.

    Maybe if we have the URL of your Google site where this happens, we could find the exact cause.