How do you send a copy of form submission to specific people?

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    Asked on June 01, 2016 at 02:50 AM


    I am trying to customize sending multiple form submissions to two separate individuals.

    There is the Assessor (there are 40 different assessors) who for each match will be required to fill out this form for a referee.

    The concept is that once the Assessor submits a feedback form, they will recieve a copy of the submission form and the referee will receive a copy of the feedback form as well.

    Bear in mind that there will be 100+ referees and 40+ assessors i dont want to put email fields in a drop down meny on the form.

    Am i able to use this form and customize each email notification/autosend without having to create 100 different conditions/notifcations?

    In simple terms:

    Essentially when the name of the referee is filled in at the top of the form, once the form is submitted by the Assessor a copy of the form should go to the referee.


    When the name of the Assessor of the referee is filled in at the bottom of the form, the Assessor should recieve a copy of the form he has submitted.




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    Answered on June 01, 2016 at 04:04 AM

    You can achieve that with conditions but you will have to create conditions for referees since their email needs to come from somewhere. 

    So, I'm thinking that you can achieve that like this:

    1. For your Assessors you can just create autoresponder that will send the email to their address every time they submit the form:

    But you will have to have Assessor's email field on your form where they will put their email address.

    2. For your referees, you will have to create conditions, and I'm afraid that you will have to add each referee's email. And then you can create conditions like this:

    Be mindful that you will have to have new Autoresponder or Notifier, that depends how you will send your notifications. But bottom line is that you can create a condition, for example, if something on your form is selected or have value send autoresponder/notifier to the certain email address.

    Hope it helps, let us know if you have any further questions we'll be glad to assist you.

    Thank you!