How to limit time that my form is available for submitting?

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    Asked on June 01, 2016 at 05:47 PM


    I have limited the dates on my calendar but what to limit the time to just morning or evening selection.

    Is this possible?


    Claire :) 


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    Answered on June 01, 2016 at 06:21 PM

    You can do that by setting Disable on date option.

    To do that please follow:

    1. Go to Settings:

    2. Choose General - Status - Disable on date:

    With that option, you can specify date and time when your form will be disabled.

    But you will have to manually enable your form. 

    So, another possible solution is to use conditions and form collapse option.

    To do that please try following:

    1. Right above and below your form, you will add Form collapse:

    2. Inside of the first collapse will be your form and inside of the second collapse(Error) will be the error message when your form is disabled:

    3. Above the first collapse(Form) we can add Date and Time fields:

    4. Both of them will show current time:

    5. And be read-only so nobody can change them:

    6. Now we can create conditions that will hide our first collapse(form) and show our second collapse(Error):

    That way you can set up as many conditions as you need to cover the time frame you wish.

    Here is my test form, feel free to check it or clone so you can see it by yourself:


    Please let me know if you have any further questions.

    Thank you!