Set up form with 2 or more payment methods with different currencies

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    Asked on June 16, 2016 at 12:47 AM

    Hello, greetings and already thank you for your excellent response because it is vital for the Startup I am creating


    I'm designing this form which I call "Verified Payment Form" in which I want to perform the following tasks but still can not and worried estoyh


    As you can see I have two drop-down lists "Service Categories" and one that says "Web Services" which when deployed presents more than 20 options


    what I do is that:


    When a customer is going to pay and choose for example the first option "Web Services" in this case it is "Wix Services" appears "payment method and currency of choice" where there are two options: the first is to " Payment Method "has 2 and the second is the" Payment Currency "which has 3 and each is different


    So I want you "Wix Services" appears according to each customer's choice, understand me


    For Example: If you choose Paypal and choose Dollars "Wix Services" appears in dollars that I already configured, the detail is that when I create a separate condition to appear in dolates or euros, or if you choose to deposit local payment and choose bolivares can not do it in conditions or rather, I do not know how to do it



    If you do not understand what I explained above is the say so


    In this form I have:


    - 29 Services I will sell and I charge

    I have 2 methods of payment: Paypal (credit card)

                                                 Deposit or Bank Transfer (Local only)


    - I have 3 coins to pay: Dollars - USA (Worldwide)

                                       Euros - EU (Worldwide)

                                       VEB - Venezuela



    The question is: How do I set this form to receivables with payment methods and currencies for all 29 services or that way I can do


    And my head hurts so much to think, Thanks for your help and sorry for the inconvenience, Successes

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    Answered on June 16, 2016 at 01:43 AM

    First, you need to learn how to setup a payment integration on your forms, you can follow this guide to start doing that: 

    Now you can only add ONE payment tool in your form, if you need to have 2 kinds of payment method, then you need to follow this guide:

    Unfortunately, you can only set ONE currency option in the payment integration. You cannot dynamically change the currency option in one form.


    If you want to have multiple currencies and payment method, then you'll probably need to create 7 forms based from this guide.

    Form 1: Main form that will hold all the 6 forms.

    Form 2: Paypal form with US dollar as currency

    Form 3: Paypal form with Euro as currency

    Form 4: Paypal form with VEB as currency

    Form 5: Purchase Order form (Bank transfer) wit US dollar as currency

    Form 6: Purchase Order form (Bank transfer) wit Euro as currency

    Form 7: Purchase Order form (Bank transfer) wit VEB as currency


    You will then need to embed forms 2-7 on an iFrame embed widget in Form 1. You can then use conditional logic to display each forms depending on a payment option method you setup on Form 1 (ex. a radio button).


    I hope that helps.