How can I make one of my payment fields required

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    Asked on March 22, 2012 at 10:00 AM

    At the bottom of my form on the payment asks for 2 different payments. I currently have them as options that come up pre-selected, but I'm running into problems where we really need it to only be the second choice (Administrative Fee) is optional. 

    I have searched and found no way to do this, can someone reccomend a solution?


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    Answered on March 22, 2012 at 03:15 PM
    Changing that field to a required field is going to complicate things a
    good deal. It can be done, just a matter of time. It also will complicate
    updates in the future. This goes back to the beginning when I said I can do
    it and the more we are able to work within the restraints of the software,
    it will be pretty simple. The situation Cassandra had over the weekend was
    created by not being 100% familiar with the process. I doubt any applicant
    would take it on their own to fill out the application 2x, I do believe
    that applicant did so because she was told she had to submit both. Had
    their communication been to explain that it will be invoiced along with
    security deposit, I don't think that issue would of come up and now that
    everyone's familiar with the process, I do believe it can work as is. Let
    me know if you want to leave as is (for now) or if you want me to work on
    changing one (to start with).