CSV Report not in correct translation for french language

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    Asked on June 28, 2016 at 04:21 PM

    This one is odd as it has mostly English text but the button is neither in English or French :

    The header should read : "Rapport créé avec succès"

    Sub header should read : "Vous pouvez retrouver votre rapport ici :"

    First button should read : "Afficher le rapport" or "Ouvrir le rapport"

    Last button should read ; "Fermer" (for "Close" in English; not sure what extra 'zefrzeatr' means)


    More to follow as I move my way through JotForm in French

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    Answered on June 28, 2016 at 04:59 PM

    I see you are reporting another problem with the translation again but this time it's with the csv reporting.

    I'll send notice of this part to our developers as well that we can get those parts fixed asap to be in the correct languages and we do apologize about that.

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    Answered on June 29, 2016 at 03:28 PM

    As indicated much earlier, I'll be forwarding (suggested) corrections as I bump into problem areas.

    It will be in bits and pieces as I sneak time to point them out rather than one long post which would need much more time on my end.  I'll try to have part of the title consistent for easier searching ...

    I hope you don't mind.  Feel free to suggest alternatives for me to report these translation issues.

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    Answered on June 29, 2016 at 03:58 PM

    If you want to help us translate JotForm, you can use "Help Us Translate JotForm!" option at the bottom of your Form Builder. 


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    Answered on June 29, 2016 at 04:12 PM

    Great.  Might want to add that link to the footer of the other pages.  When I do forms, I don't pay much (enough !) attention to the footer being busy doing the form.  My bad.  I'll go check it now.

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    Answered on June 29, 2016 at 04:24 PM

    So I went to a form, to see the option in the footer.  When I clicked on the link, it came up with a window showing some html string in a box and a second box for me to suggest a translation. How can you know what to pick from where for the first box?  Especially when it is an icon label, as an example.

    For now I'll stick to a screen capture and open a thread so I can pinpoint the area, especially when some of the translation is not necessarely for things seen through the designer ...

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    Answered on June 29, 2016 at 04:41 PM

    Help Us Translate JotForm! - will allow you to provide us your suggestions for all kind of options inside of the form builder. 

    You can also open new thread each time you find that something is not translated correctly and provide us a screenshot

    Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.

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    Answered on June 29, 2016 at 05:21 PM

    For example :

    From the above screen capture, one can see that the 'headers' of sections ("Quick Fields", "Basic Fields", ...) are not translated although the entries within are ("En-tête", "Nom et prénom", ...)

    We can also see that "Help us Translate ..." itself is not translated.


    In passing, the "Nombre douze" quick field should be plain old "Nombre" for 'Number'.  Why "12"? when such a field is in the form and we right clicks for the menu, we get this :

    Again, the header of the menu should simply read "Nombre".

    "demandé or réclamé", the first option, has a few problems.  First, obviously is the use of English "or" which should be "ou" (French equivalent).  Then the label is somewhat problematic.  It says : "Asked or Requested" which is not as obvious as "Optionel ou Requis" ("Optional or Required").

    "Remonter" should probably just be "Monter" (short for "Déplacer ves le haut" = move up).  Form used is more used for 'winding' a clock or 'go up again'.

    "Descendre" is ok but proper would be "Déplacer vers le bas" which tends to be too long for width of menu.

    "Réduire" is ok, although what is meant to be said is more along the lines of "Grouper" (to group) so the element ends up ... grouped with other such elements on that line/row ...

    "Dupliquer" is ok

    "Chacé le champ" should be "Cacher le champ" or just "Cacher".  Us the infinitve form of the verb to be consistent and why special "the field" for this option at not the others ?

    "Effacer" is ok, although it might be best to use "Supprimer"...  The first is "to erase" while second is "to delete".

    Then comes "Conditional Logic" which is not even translated.  It could be "Logique conditionnelle", but simply "Condition(s)" suffice.  I mean if there is one or more conditions, they should be logical afterall.  ;)

    The "Gérer les Champs Multiples" is great, aside from the abondance of uppercase characters but it's too long for the Menu box.  What some refer to as 'poetic license' would allow "Gérer champs multiples" which should squeeze just fine in menu box.

    Finally, "Edit Properties" is not translated.  Might as well use "Modifier les propriétés" as it will fit in Menu box.


    In going to the "Edit Properties" we get this :

    Again, the header needs to drop the "DOUZE".  I don't get where that "12" comes from, even in English ?

    The titles of the first two tabs are fine.  But the third is not translated.  It should read "Avancé" but better still "Options avancées" as that's what it is, the 'Advanced options'.

    Under général, which could be written "GÉNÉRAL" by some francophone countries while others do drop the accents on upper case letters (as in my last name).

    "Question Text" is not translated and should read "Texte de la question" but could also just be the short "Libellé" (for "Label") as it may not always be a question but more often just that, a label.

    The default text should just be "Nombre" while the sub-header "Type your question" could read ... "formuler votre question ou libellé" ('Formulate your question / label')

    Next is "Alignement de l'étiquette" (the question became a 'label', spécifically in its 'sticker' form) can read "Alignement du libellé".

    The four options for the alignment are almost right.  "AUTOMATIQUE" is good, "A GAUCHE" is ok, but "CORRECT" is wrong (no pun intended) and should read "A DROITE".  Which leaves "HAUT" as ok although it should probably be "EN HAUT" since  the previous two use "A" (actually "À") for "to the".

    The sub-header, again, is not translated.  It should probably read "Sélectionner l'alignement du libellé".

    "demandé or réclamé" is as indicated earlier best if "Optionnel ou Requis".

    The swith should then correspond to the choices, "ON" and "OFF" are not really appropriate even in English.  Best would be to use the same words as the label : "Optionnel" and "Requis".  Else do translation to "Oui" and "Non".

    The sub-header, again not translated, should read "Permet la soumission si ce champs est vide." for "Optionnel" ("ON") and  "Empêche la soumission si ce champs est vide." for "Requis" ("OFF").

    The next one, "Sous-étiquette", should read "Sous-libellé" at worse or "Texte descriptif" as the sub-header already indicates (in English).

    The last sub-header should then become "Indiquer, si nécessaire, un court texte descriptif à afficher sous le champ".  This says : Indicate, if need be, a short description to be shown below the field".

    Which leaves the button "SAVE CHANGES".  This would need to be "ENREGISTRER", to keep it short.  French can tend to be long, sorry.


    I have to go, but I will look at the two other tabs later this week.  Howerver, how would I have done all of the above with the "help us translate ..." ?


    I have not indicated many such translation problems earlier because I manage through them and they are, mostly, not in the way of the forms as they display to the users.