My conditions are not holding

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    Asked on June 29, 2016 at 10:58 AM


    I have a form that has several yes/ no questions that then open up follow up conditional questions. Sometimes these work and sometimes they do not. I have created a clone of the form and deleted all of the conditions and added them back one at a time and am still having an issue. Please help.




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    Answered on June 29, 2016 at 12:24 PM

    Could you please provide us an example case where the conditions are not holding or working?

    It is possible that you have conditions that conflicts one another. 

    When I cloned your form, I see that you have a lot of errors on it. You will probably need to correct those errors. Here's a screencast:


    Another problem I see is that you are repeatedly showing AND hiding fields, which will most likely cause conflicts in your form.

    Please note that when you use the "SHOW" function, you do not necessarily need to "HID" the fields again, when the "SHOW" condition is NOT TRUE, it will automatically HIDE the said fields.

    Here's an example conflict:


    In your case, you want to SHOW the field "New Organization" when "1. Action" is equal to "New Organization", then you want to HIDE it when "1. Action" is equal to "Inactive Organization".

    In that case, you DO NOT need to hide it, because it will automatically hide itself if "1. Action" IS NOT EQUAL to "New Organization" based on the first condition.


    Another conflict are these conditions:

    You want to SHOW the "New Manager Name" if "1. Action" is equal to "New Organization" BUT you want to HIDE it if the "Is the Manager Name Changing" is EMPTY? Is there any instance that these conditions will be both true? If yes, then it will most likely conflict one another.


    You will either need to make your rules more strict OR make your conditonal logic more simpler.

    To learn more about the conditional logic, you can also check this guide: 


    I hope that helps.