Is the pricing per user/device, or is it per number of devices

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    Asked on July 04, 2016 at 09:52 AM

    my qestion is thus- is the pricing per device per month, or is it 20 sub accounts connected to the main per month. I would really like a breakdown of the pricing and how it works- I work for a large construction firm and we need to know

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    Answered on July 04, 2016 at 11:18 AM


    Good question.

    We do not have limits on devices. You can access your account to any devices. This will not affect or change your current plan. Example, if you are on the Bronze plan, it should stay on the Bronze plan forever unless you cancelled your subscription.

    The billing cycle depends on the plan you've subscribed either monthly, yearly or bi-yearly (2 years). Example, if you've subscribed to the Bronze plan-monthly today (July 04, 2016), you will be billed every 4th of the month.

    With regards to the monthly submissions limit, it would reset monthly. For all users, submissions limit would reset every first day of the following month. Example, next reset would be on August 01, 2016.

    Regarding on the sub-accounts, forms shared by the main account to the sub-accounts will have its limit dependent on the main account. Meaning, submissions made to the forms are counted to the main account not with the sub-user account. The number of sub-accounts you can create depends on your subscription plan. Example, if you are on the Bronze plan, you can share your forms up to 3 sub-accounts. Guide:

    If you have further questions, let us know.