lista dentro de otra lista

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    Asked on July 17, 2016 at 08:53 AM
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    Answered on July 17, 2016 at 09:34 AM

    Hi Leon, I noticed you created multiple threads with just a title on it and no content. For us to better assist you, please give us a bit more detail on what you're trying to achieve. From how I see it, all your posts lead to "Lists". Since we're not sure what you're hoping to do, I'll just list a few options for you to choose from:

    Creating dynamic lists, dropdowns, options, etc. on your form is achievable with the use of different widgets. I'll list them all here so just pick one that will suit your needs:

    1. Here's a Dynamic Dropdown widget that you can use to create multiple dropdowns and limit the selections of your users based on the option they selected from a previous dropdown. To see it in action, have a look at this demo form 

    2. We also have something called a Configurable List widget This will allow you to collect all sorts of lists; multiple product orders, a shopping list, requisition lists, storage management, group membership forms among many other uses. In one of your posts, you mentioned "departments and cities", you may also achieve that using this widget. Here's a complete guide on how to configure it [GUIDE: How-to-Set-Up-the-Configurable-List-Widget]

    3. You can also have a look at our Infinite List widget If what you aim is to allow your users to add as many items as needed, this will perfectly suit your needs. Here's a live demo form that works like an online guest book. The user can enter as many guests as needed using this widget.

    4. And lastly, please have a look at our Widgets Page showing all options you can get out of multiple entries

    Hope that helped! In case you need something that is not listed above, please give us more info so we can better assist you.