Assigned calculation value on Matrix field to display on excel file

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    Asked on July 27, 2016 at 03:08 AM

    Hi there,

    I have developed my own customised form - which looks OK, but when i test it, i cannot get it to export to excel correctly.  the matrix has 3 colums, which I want to user to see a "tick boxes", but behind this I want values associated to the box they check.

    for example in column 1, there should be the value 1, in column 2 = 1 and column 3 = 1 when i export this to excel, but it still brings across the "tick" and it doesn't seem to export in the format I need anyway- the report is useless as i cannot find the value associated with each question

    can you help?


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    Answered on July 27, 2016 at 06:24 AM

    I'm sorry, but when you download the submissions as an excel file, the value that will be presented in the column for the specific table cell will be the column name that you added.


    You can actually assign calculation values on your matrix field. There are two ways:

    Option 1: You can assign calculation values directly on the properties window of the matrix field.


    Option 2: You can just assign the values directly in the column name. 


    Now if you want to perform calculations or copy the value on a selected check box on your matrix field to another text box, then that is possible. Here's a guide that will walk you through on how to fetch the data on each matrix cell: 


    Now with regards to the excel spreadsheet, you can then transfer the matrix cell values on text boxes using conditional logic or you can use the form calculation widget to fetch the data.

    Here's a screencast showing how to fetch the cell value using conditional logic:


    The form calculation widget is much more easier though:


    Here's a sample form where you can see that each check box value on the first row can easily be passed on another field: 

    Now with that, you can choose what to display in your downloaded excel submission, in your submissions page, open the setting and choose what you want to display:


    I hope that gives you an idea on how to proceed.