Is there a way to copy an element in a form (e.g. a matrix) from one form to another?

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    Asked on July 28, 2016 at 04:23 PM

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    You did not understand the question. I only want to copy an element, a matrix. Ten rows, five columns.

    I want to avoid having to recreate the matrix. Think of it as a widget.  If there some way to create custom widgets that I could pick from the list of elements - That would be genius!  

    Give us the option, in element properties, to save it as a custom widget. Then, from the things we can add to a form, there's a section for custom widgets. We look thru this list and pick the one we just saved.  That would be fantastic!!!!!

    Cloning does not work because then I have to edit the cloned form, adding in elements manually (remaking them) from the other form and deleting what I don't want - this is a lot of work.

    CLONING IS NOT AN OPTION, please do not suggest it.

    Exporting to csv, editing and reimporting is also not an option.




    Answered by Irshad

    I would suggest you to try creating the clone of form. Please check the below article, how you can create the Clone of an existing form: 

    If you face any issue or need further assistance, feel free to revert back.

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    Answered on July 28, 2016 at 06:45 PM

    Apologies for the confusion. Base on what I read in your post, you understand that this feature isn't available yet and you are requesting to have it added as a field option. The option you're looking for, if I'm not mistaken, may require a save button on each field(element) that when clicked it will let you save that field together with its properties and/or content within your account so it can be used on other forms in your account.

    I can submit a feature request on your behalf to our developers, so they will be able to check if it is feasible or if it is something that can be implemented. However, I cannot guarantee that this will be available soon. You will just be notified via this thread if it becomes available.

    Thank you.